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The Lanterman Act 

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, known as the "Lanterman Act”, is an important piece of legislation that was passed in 1969. This is the California law that says people with developmental disabilities and their families have a right to get the services and supports they need to live like people without disabilities. The Lanterman Act outlines the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, how the regional centers and service providers can help these individuals, what services and supports they can obtain, how to use the individualized program plan to get needed services, what to do when someone violates the Lanterman Act, and how to improve the system.

A Consumer’s Guide to the Lanterman Act  
Rights Under the Lanterman Act 


Keeping the Lanterman Promise
Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act
San Diego Regional Center
State of California Council on Developmental Disabilities
Area Board 13 (San Diego Area SCDD) 

Lanterman Act Video Series:   

The History of the Parent Movement - Tony Anderson
Overview of ARC of California
Community Systems & Residential Service Programs: Pamela Madden-Krall
Community Systems & Residential Service Programs: Mary Eble & Jim Huyck
Limited Conservatorships - Stephen Dale & Jennifer Steneberg

For more information on articles, reports, other regulations and websites or to contact your legislators, visit Advocacy in Action.


Una Guía del Consumidor para el Acta Lanterman 
Derechos Bajo La Ley Lanterman

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