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Key Educational Contacts

The California Department of Education (CDE) divides the state into areas for the purposes of planning and monitoring how the special education services are delivered to students with disabilities. These areas are called Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPA). CDE mandates that all SELPAs maintain a Community Advisory Committee for Special Education. SELPA Contact List (San Diego & Imperial Counties).

Community Advisory Committee for Special Education 

The role of the CAC is to advise the School District’s Board of Education about special education issues, to provide access to training and information and to work collaboratively with the school district to improve student outcomes. CAC membership is composed of volunteers, including parents of individuals with exceptional needs enrolled in public and private schools, parents of other students enrolled in school, pupils and adults with disabilities, general and special education teachers, other school district personnel, representatives of other public and private agencies, and others concerned with the needs of individuals with exceptional needs.  Members are appointed by the Board of Education. CAC meeting are open to the public. Participating in a CAC meeting is an excellent way to learn about your school’s special education program, and influence education policy and practice. 

Schools and Programs:

San Diego Area Public Schools
Local Phone Numbers - Education
Nonpublic Schools in San Diego
Imperial County Office of Education
Regional Occupational Program
Resolutions for Student Success 
SDUSD Directory of Schools 
SDUSD Special Education Programs 
SDUSD Special Education Parent Page 
SDUSD Special Education Division HOTLINE 619-725-7057 


California Association of Family Empowerment Centers
California Dept. of Ed Special Education
California Dept. of Education Composite of Laws Search Engine 
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Office of Special Education Programs
FAPE-Families and Advocates Partnership for Education
Captioned Media Program
Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education
California Parent Center - Programs, Services, Advocacy, Involvement
Center for Development & Learning
Council for Exceptional Children 
Disability Rights Education Fund  
EDLAW Center
National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
National Center for Culturally Responsive Education Systems
Online Homework Help (San Diego County Library)
PACESETTER Special Education Newsletter
Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
Regional Resource Center Program
Resources in Special Education Library  
San Diego Braille Institute
San Diego Homeschooling
Team of Advocates for Special Kids

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